These are past design / research projects before joining KAIST. Clicking titles will take you to my old portfolio site.
Studied how people understand and refine probabilistic topic models.
VESPY 2013-2017
An End-User Programming environment for creating interactive web enhancements.
Experiments on Motivational Feedback For Crowdsourced Workers. It is the final outcome of the summer internship at the IBM Research center in Cambridge.
CTArcade 2011-2012
CTArcade is a gaming and learning environment where children articulate logical thinking skills while training their own characters and playing against other AIs.
A prediction model for choosing the best AD banner based on the user's historical trail.
TagMeAR 2010
A context-aware mobile app that curates on-campus information from various sources on an AR(Augmented Reality) browser.
TreeCovery 2009
Understanding large and complex dataset often requires finding relationship between hierarchies. TreeCovery offers a coordinated dual treemap visualization for bi-hierarchical exploration.
A collection of 6 smart objects that create subtle twists in urban contexts. These are the term projects of the lecture that I taught at Konkuk University.
Supervised a socio-cultural ethnographic study that focused on senior citizens gathering at Chong-Myo park in Seoul, Korea. Collaborated with 20 undergraduates and professor Chang-Sub Oh at Konkuk university.
oladay 2008
oladay is a a web-based visual expression platform that allows users to create diary by freely composing text, photo, video, and music on a canvas together with friends.
Why can't people improve photographic skills by taking pictures? A novel UI concept of digital camera is designed to enable users to learn photography by simply using it.
An ambient lighting inspired by Zen philosophy - Writing is a ritual that evokes the feeling of contemplation.
Five subtly-absurd ideas create afresh contrasts in boring in-flight situations.
INTU 2005
A conceptual mobile phone design, which is the result of re-design process that includes analysis of an existing product, redesigning, prototyping, and evaluation.
An interactive installation that generates a haiku of images and words, which were collected throught the day by a bracelet-like capturing device.
Web-based visual communication platform for group work
An interactive kinetic art that shows how an abstract living creature reacts to its environment.