Tak Yeon (first) Lee (last) is an assistant professor of Industrial Design department at KAIST. He received a B.S. in Industrial Design (major) and Computer Science (minor) from KAIST, a M.S. in Design for Interaction from TUDelft, and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland. Before joining ID KAIST, he worked at Adobe Research as a research scientist for three years. He leads AI-Experience Lab at KAIST. His main teaching subjects include AI-infused product design, Data-driven process, Visual analytics, and design education issues. His research interests lie at human-centered artifical intelligence, focusing on creating a symbiotic environment where people and computer to solve challenging problems together. He is also interested in bridging the gap between AI technology, design theory, and real world needs.
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  • 2021.3.1
    Joined KAIST